Robotic Process Automation

The use of Robotics in existing IT delivery models is fast becoming a whole new sector within the IT services industry. Known as Robotic Process Automation or RPA, this new technology is being seen as the next wave of innovation and improvement across many existing IT service areas. Syber Nautics Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the potential to create high value for areas.

RPA is non-invasive technology that mimics Human user manipulating multiple internal and external applications with improved service delivery, freeing up skilled resources for more strategic work. RPA offers fast Return On Investments – couple of months in most of cases.

SyberNautics is a specialist technology integrator in the RPA space providing end-to-end RPA deployment. This starts with our proprietary methodology, involving identification and prioritization of processes suitable for automation, evaluating right tool, planning and executing POC, right through to RPA software implementation and integration into live business processes.

SyberNautics offers RPA services across verticals, with special focus on Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Transportation and Logistics.